About the Foundation

The Foundation came into being to provide inclusive and quality education to children and focus on their overall health and development. The Foundation helps children from low income families, affected by cancer, access treatment, since parents constantly report financial burden as the main reason, for treatment and the cause for abandonment. It also provides support for medications, accommodation, warm nutritional meals, rehabilitation and educational program during the course of and upon completion of treatment, for families affected by pediatric cancer. The support provided makes oncological treatment possible and gives children the best opportunity for conquering cancer.


Few Founding members of the foundation since early 2018, through their individual initiation had been helping cancer stricken children. This was done through funds collected from friends and families and channeled to economically disadvantaged families, in consultation with oncologists from Kanti Children’s Hospital. As the work load increased, a tremendous need was felt to work in a more systematic manner and help as more children, hence the Foundation came in to being. It is also an initiation of likeminded people willing to come together and make a difference in society by saving lives.

Our Mission

The Foundation will work to garner support and ensure overall well being of children affected by cancer, thus providing continuity to noble cause undertaken by the Foundation.
The foundation aims to provide inclusive and quality education for the children and focus on their overall health and development.

Our Vision

Ensuring family centered health care and advocating for rights of Nepali children affected by cancer.

Our Objective

Ensuring family centered health care and advocating for rights of Nepali children affected by cancer.

Financial assistance will be provided to children affected by various types of cancers so children get cured and get a chance at living.

Accommodation facilities along with nutritious meals will be provided to children and guardians during the course of treatment, to enable children to heal well and get better.

Awareness programs will be conducted for parents and children to bring awareness to the importance of nutrition and healthy lifestyle to combat cancer and live a healthy life after chemotherapy. Awareness programs will also be conducted through media outlets such as television and print media to bring about awareness.

Counseling services will be made available to children and their parents affected by cancer. The objective is to help them come to terms with their situation and not lose hope

Program focused on rehabilitation and education for children affected by cancer, during and after the course of treatment will be initiated. The program will enable them to integrate back in society once acquiring treatment.

The Foundation will also initiate projects for overall wellbeing and development of children, through provision of basic equal quality education and child health care. Children are the future, and by focusing on their education and health, we are preparing able bodied citizens. Access to healthcare and education is the basic rights of a child

Way Forward

The Foundation came into being to provide inclusive and quality education to children and focus on their overall health and development. Keeping this in mind the Foundation also helps children from impoverished families affected by cancer. These children come from remote rural and impoverished parts of Nepal. Most parents lack knowledge about cancer and think of it like other disease which can be easily treated. The children who do make it to the door of the hospital are extremely lucky as it means they have a high chance of survival. The Foundation will support children from financially challenged families so that they can pay their medical bills, whichdependS on the type of cancer. The Government of Nepal, for its part, provides up to NPR. 100,000 (USD 857) per child per disease. The given money has to be spent inside Kanti Children’s Hospital. All other expenses, such as payment for scans and blood tests, have to be paid out-of-pockets in private hospitals, an expense which often takes a toll on the family. An estimate of NPR 200,000 (USD 1714) is needed for a child to get a courses of chemotherapy at Kanti Children’s Hospital. The Hospital, however, is a government hospital and lacks basic infrastructure. The hospital consists of good doctors but lacks machines to diagnose cancer and tests, such as equipment's for PET scans, CT scans, and blood tests etc. Most often the family ventures out of the hospital for tests. Private hospitals, however, charge exorbitant amount of money for the scans and other tests. Our own experience as well as many studies on childhood cancer conclude that financial and social assistance to families are effective in improving pediatric cancer outcomes and in saving lives. These important programs help low income families overcome financial as well as social hardship and get more children into the hands of pediatric oncologists. Your donation means a parent can give their child the opportunity to heal, it means that a little boy or girl can dream of his or her future.

Long-Term Impact

Through this initiative, Wish Nepal Foundation will support the overall growth and development of children focusing on their health and education and helpcancer stricken children throughout their treatment by providing accommodation with warm nutritional meals for families. Psychological guidance will be provided thus enabling children to emotionally heal from the experience, and grant educational assistance, assuring they don’t fall behind and continue in school. Financial assistance for chemotherapy, help with diagnosis will also be provided so that cancer is detected early and appropriate treatment is initiated to help a child recover well. In addition to the above, women’s health will be focused on through coordination with local government agencies and likeminded organizations so that women become aware of their bodies, their health and become more knowledgeable about cancer in general. Awareness regarding cancer and the importance of diet and nutrition will also be provided to children through child clubs in their schools. This will be done to enable and help make a child aware of cancer from an early age and enable them to lead a healthy life. This can only be brought about due to awareness. Rehabilitation projects will be initiated to help children back into society once the treatment is over. Public Awareness about cancer will be initiated through media outlets such as the television, radio, print media etc.

What we can do?

Our members .

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